DAFOs around the world...

We connect with several organizations, missions, and practitioners to send gently used DAFOs to those in need around the world. We are delighted to receive your donations of gently-used DAFOs. As you consider outgrown DAFOs for donation, please keep in mind:

  • We prefer pairs. Gather and send several sets simultaneously if possible.
  • The DAFOs must be gently used - no frayed straps, filthy bottoms, or cracked/buckled plastic. The DAFOs should have 6-12 months of wear in them.
  • Please do not send very patient-specific DAFOs with extreme PF/DF angles, heel wedges, etc.
  • Please do not write on the braces. We've received several with the word DONATION on them. (We figure the new wearer would not appreciate that label, and it takes a long time to remove it.)
  • The need is greatest for pediatric DAFOs. Large sizes take up too much room to ship and are rarely used.
  • Please only send our products.

What NOT to send:

Ship Donations to:

Cascade Dafo, Inc.
Attn: Donations
1360 Sunset Avenue
Ferndale, WA 98248

Are you a practitioner in need of gently-used DAFOs for an overseas medical mission trip?  

Email bized@dafo.com or call 800.848.7332. We are happy to help!