DAFO Tami2 now available with no liner

August 28, 2013

You asked; we listened. We’re pleased to announce our popular articulated DAFO Tami2 can now be ordered without a polyethylene inner liner. Available with straight or dorsi-assist Tamarack hinges, the Tami2 without the inner liner is best suited for patients who have a stable, neutral foot position but are in need of lightweight sagittal plane support to control foot drop. Simply choose “no liner” on the updated product order form.

Choose the standard, 2-part design for most applications, including:

Choose the no-liner option when:

  • Foot drop or toe drag are the primary reasons for bracing.
  • Foot alignment correction needs are minimal, neither over-pronated nor over-supinated.
  • Skin condition is not delicate and in need of protection.
  • A single-piece, streamlined brace is more desirable than pronation/supination control.

Warranty & support

Our commitment to quality, and the best fit possible, is always front and center. We welcome your feedback and stand behind every brace with our Full (90-Day) Warranty.

Cascade has a strong commitment to continuous improvement and enhancing the patient experience. Thanks for teaming up with us to help kids lead healthier, happier lives.

For questions, contact our Technical Support team: 800.848.7332 | technicalsupport@dafo.com