Cascade Continuous Improvement: neoprene belt for Twister Straps

January 12, 2015

Based on customer requests, we’ve added a new option to our Twister Straps: a neoprene waist belt.

Twister Straps exert a counter-rotational force to the legs and feet to correct rotation of the femur and/or tibia, and are best suited for early intervention as a temporary solution until a longer-term plan has been developed.

Practitioners can now choose between the standard, non-stretch waist belt, or a blue neoprene waist belt, by selecting the appropriate box on the Twister Strap order form.

For more information about the Twister Straps, including a printable product sheet, step-by-step donning instructions, and a How to don Twister Straps video, visit the Twister Strap product page.

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