New: SmartKnit® seamless socks in SMO and KAFO lengths

January 21, 2015

Let’s talk socks!

You can now buy SMO and KAFO-length SmartKnit® seamless socks (in addition to AFO-length socks), direct from Cascade Dafo. 

In addition, we’ve added Charcoal as a color choice for AFO-length socks.

SmartKnit seamless socks provide a protective foot and leg interface, with a heel-free design. Made specifically to help SMO, AFO, and KAFO-wearers maximize skin health, they provide all-day comfort by reducing wrinkling and bunching.

Made from either Polyester, CoolMax® Polyester, or X-STATIC—The Silver Fiber® (depending on color), SmartKnit socks are exceptionally soft, wick perspiration, and some are made with anti-microbial properties to inhibit odor.

You can buy SmartKnit socks directly on our online shop: