Introducing two new Fast Fit products

July 01, 2018

Fast Fit Bug™

This low-profile shoe insert is designed to control mild to moderate pronation with an optimal amount of support and comfort, yet minimal volume in the shoe. Partnered with a supportive shoe, the Bug promotes a more comfortable and stable gait by raising the medial arch and bringing the heel and forefoot to neutral. It’s easy to size too—just measure the insole of your patient’s current well-fitting shoe, for a reliable fit. Get all the details here.

JumpStart® Softback™

This prefabricated AFO provides lightweight, comfortable control of mild to moderate  toe walking and knee hyperextension.  The JumpStart Softback’s posterior pad and strap combination work together to strongly resist plantarflexion beyond 2 degrees, while encouraging increased dorsiflexion. This forgiving resistance allows easier access to crawling and floor-to-standing activities. Find out more here.


As with all of our custom and prefabricated products, the Fast Fit Bug and the JumpStart Softback are covered by our Full 90-day Warranty.