Moderate support shoe insert

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Key Features

Medial arch support
maintains the corrected foot position.
Low-profile trimlines and partial heel cup
contain the foot while adding minimal volume in the shoe.
Flat external surface
works with the shoe to provide a stable base of support.
High density foam
distributes pressure evenly and conforms to unique contours for optimal comfort and alignment.
Flattened, flexible toe shelf
promotes natural toe-off and can be trimmed to fine-tune the fit.
Easy sizing method
measures the existing shoe insole instead of the foot, for a reliable fit. Sizes: 4.00 - 13.00 inches (0.25 inch increments).
including posting and wedging, can be built in for additional foot support or leg-length discrepancy.


For patients who exhibit mild to moderate pronation and have a fully-correctable foot position. Patients will present with a reduced yet visible medial arch, mild to moderate heel eversion, and forefoot abduction.

For patients who may benefit from the sensory feedback that a contoured shoe insert can provide.

Product video | Bug™ and Chipmunk®

This product video looks at the features of both the Bug™ and the Chipmunk® UCBL style shoe inserts.

Product video | Bug™ and Chipmunk®