Minimum support shoe insert

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Key Features

Two layers of flexible foam
Partial heel cup
Defined plantar surface contours
Optional foam arch fill
for added stability
Prefabricated; Available in a range of pediatric and adult sizes
Widths: Wide and Narrow Sizes: 3.00 - 12.25 in. (0.25 inch increments)


For patients who exhibit very mild pronation and have a fully correctable foot position. The patient's medial arch is reduced yet visible. Forefoot abduction and heel eversion is minimal.

For patients who may benefit from the sensory feedback that a contoured shoe insert can provide.

Product video | Fast Fit® HotDog® and Fast Fit PattiBob®

This product video looks at the features of both the Fast Fit HotDog and the Fast Fit PattiBob as well as comparing the differences between the two shoe inserts.

Product video | Fast Fit® HotDog® and Fast Fit PattiBob®

Brace design | Introduction to Fast Fit®

Don Buethorn, CPO/Cascade Dafo owner, narrates this quick introduction to Cascade Dafo's Fast Fit orthoses. The Fast Fit line includes affordable pre-fabricated shoe inserts and above-ankle orthoses -- no casting required. For more information, visit Cascade's website and take the free online course: Fast Fit Solutions.

Brace design | Introduction to Fast Fit®