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DAFO Guide to Brace Selection

Choose the right brace style to best meet your needs.
Updated Course: Casting and Scanning for DAFOs

Our free online casting course now includes digital scanning techniques. And, it’s ABC-approved for 1.5 CEUs. Even if you’ve taken the original course in the past, you can take the new course and earn full credit.

September 5, 2017

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Helpful Tools for Brace Selection: Product Videos & Info Sheets

Our handy product videos and info sheets provide a quick, concise overview of the key features of every brace in our DAFO Guide to Brace Selection. And they're easy to find on our website.

August 25, 2017

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Cascade Continuous Improvement: DAFO 5 & DAFO 5 Softy Updates

Our DAFO 5 and DAFO 5 Softy have a new streamlined fit and improved functionality.

July 28, 2017

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