DAFO e-Orders: a versatile tool for ease of ordering

With DAFO e-Orders, you can place your orders online, then easily track them through the production and shipping cycles. All your orders are stored in one place for easy reference, and you can create templates for frequently ordered products too. Our user-friendly system is easy to navigate and mobile-friendly, with the flexibility to accommodate a variety of clinic set-ups and ordering scenarios.

Note: please do not place redo requests in the e-Order system. If you need access to our full 90-day warranty, contact customer support at 1-800-848-7332 or customersupport@dafo.com.

To set up your DAFO e-Orders account, simply follow the link in the sidebar and download the step-by-step instructions or watch our quick how-to videos:

Facility Administrator Sign-Up

How to Add Users:

First-Time User Log-In:

How to Place an e-Order:

How to Cancel an e-Order:

How to Check the Status of an e-Order:

How to Create a Template:

How to Use a Template to Place an e-Order:

How to Place a New e-Order Based on a Previous e-Order:

How to Save a Draft e-Order to Finish Later: