Patient & Family Resources

Cascade Dafo is passionate about pediatric mobility -- we are committed to helping patients and their families find successful solutions to mobility challenges.

We've grouped all of our tips, tricks, and resources for DAFO-wearers and their families here, in this section.

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Introduction to orthoses

Most DAFO patients lack some degree of voluntary control of the foot and/or ankle. Simply put, a DAFO (sometimes called a brace or splint) provides support to help a patient maintain a foot/ankle position, encourage mobility, and ultimately, improve stability and success.

How to order

Contact your clinician to schedule an appointment for your child to be evaluated for a custom DAFO or Fast Fit product. For names of the clinicians in your area, call Customer Support at 800.848.7332 or email

Cascade Online Shop

Our Fast Fit line of pre-fabricated shoe inserts may also be ordered direct online at Please note: purchase of our products online does not include patient assessment, bracing plan, fit evaluation, or adjustments. For these services, please see a qualified clinician.