We believe optimal patient care is often the result of a collaboration between health care professionals -- everyone working together to meet the goals and priorities of the patient and family.

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Practitioners: How to order from Cascade Dafo

Therapists, patients, parents, and/or caregivers: looking for a DAFO® provider in your area? Call or email our customer support team.

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    Open an account

    As a central fabricator, we can directly bill your facility. Fill out a credit application. (Note: Downloadable credit application is for U.S. practitioners only. For international accounts, please contact Customer Support). We'll send you a price list and you may begin ordering immediately.

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    Assess your patient and plan a bracing solution

    Planning and selecting an appropriate orthosis is critical to a positive outcome. To help, we created the The DAFO Guide to Brace Selection, grouping patients into seven different categories with brace style suggestions to assist with brace selection.

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    Measure & Order

    Custom DAFO®:

    A good fit starts with a good cast. Accurately capture the shape and volume of your patient's foot in its corrected alignment.

    Each DAFO style has its own order form. Fill out your order form accurately and thoroughly. You can also order on our online e-Ordering site. 

    Our Optimization Index can help you further customize each brace to meet your patient's needs.

    Fast Fit®:

    Casting is not required for Fast Fit products. Instead, determine the proper size by using our printable sizing jig, or simply trace and measure the foot.

    For wholesale accounts, use the Fast Fit order forms. Or, to purchase Fast Fit items at retail prices, contact our Customer Support department at customersupport@dafo.com

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    Fit & Wear

    Our goal is to have our products fit your patient right out of the box. Some minor adjustments may be needed to assure long term comfort. For more about fitting, visit our Fitting and Adjusting page. For tips for patients and families, our Using DAFOs page is a valuable resource.

How to | Rehearse your correction before casting

This instructional narrated video provides guidance for rehearsing the final corrected position you'd like to capture in the cast, prior to starting the casting process for custom-fabricated DAFOs.

How to | Rehearse your correction before casting

How to | Cast for DAFOs

This instructional video provides step-by-step guidance for casting for DAFOs. This video shows how to make a cast in preparation for ordering custom DAFOs. The shape you capture in the cast will be used to fabricate a DAFO -- a good cast is a critical component for superior fit and function of the finished orthosis.

How to | Cast for DAFOs

How to | Size for Fast Fit using the sizing jig

This instructional video provides guidance for using the paper sizing jig to help order the correct size for Cascade Dafo's prefabricated Fast Fit products.

How to | Size for Fast Fit using the sizing jig

How to | Size for Fast Fit by tracing the foot

This instructional video provides tips to determine the correct size for Cascade Dafo's prefabricated Fast Fit products by tracing the child's foot.

How to | Size for Fast Fit by tracing the foot

DAFO Guide to Brace Selection

Select the right brace by matching our available brace styles to patient's needs.