Fast Fit Printable Sizing Jig

Here's a quick and easy alternative to ordering our sizing jigs--printable sizing jigs for our Fast Fit products. You can print them and use them right away. There are two pages for each foot: purple for the left and green for the right. Once you've printed them, simply follow the instructions. -- **PRINTING INSTRUCTIONS** -- To ensure accurate scaling and proper sizing, use the following printer settings: 1) With the Printable Sizing Jig pdf open in Adobe Reader, go to the File menu; 2) Click the Print sub-menu item; 3) Make sure scale is set at 100%; 4) Print; 5) After printing, verify that the scale on page 1 is accurate with a standard ruler. If you have any problems using the printable foot sizing jigs, please call Customer Service at 800.848.7332.