Cascade Dafo has a digital manufacturing process to complement our traditional manufacturing methods. Rather than shipping a cast to us, practitioners also have the option to scan and send us digital files.

Please download and read our Digital Scanning Guidelines document prior to sending in scans.

Scanning methods:

When sending in your scans, please tell us which scanning method you used:

Scan the plaster positive

Scan the outside of cast:

Measure the cast thickness at the forefoot, instep, and leg. Send these measurements to us with your scan.

Direct scan of patient:

Be sure they are sitting reasonably still and the scan captures their best corrected foot and ankle position as much as possible.


Accepted file formats:




(Please convert your file to one of these file types before sending)

File sizes between 1MB and 25MB.

When saving the scan file, ensure the units are in millimeters.


Practical Tips

Casting the patient

  • Creating a cast that accurately captures the desired alignment, shape and volume of your patient’s foot and lower leg is critical.

Processing your scan before sending the file

  • Do not digitally modify/smooth the image. Instead, provide us with detailed instructions on your order form.
  • Remove any interference or unnecessary data.
  • Retain your original shape until we have reviewed your file and entered your order into our production system. You will receive a confirmation email when completed.
  • Please note: A KAFO with a knee center height greater than 18 inches must be ordered with a cast, not a digital scan.

Please remember: The best way to ensure a proper fit for your patient is to create a good scan (and cast).


How to send us your files

You can add photos or videos too!


Scanning Equipment

  • The scanner you are using should have a tolerance level of +/-2mm, usually found in scanners using white light or laser technology.
  • Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for setup, use, care and maintenance including regular calibration.
  • The best resource for information about scanning equipment is directly from the manufacturer for this rapidly evolving technology.

Please note: the infrared iPad scanners currently on the market do not meet our criteria for an incoming scan tolerance of +/-2mm when used at the distance required for scanning AFOs.



If you have any questions or are having problems uploading your files, contact our Customer Support team:

800.848.7332 | int'l: + 00 1 360 543 9306


Benefits of Digital Scanning

Significantly reduced turnaround time
Same excellent Cascade quality and Full (90-day) Warranty
No cost for shipping casts to Cascade Dafo
Digital files are stored electronically