Documents & Videos: boney prominences

  • Relief Adjustment for Boney Prominences Relief Adjustment for Boney Prominences

    This narrated instructional video provides for making adjustments to DAFOs in the field, when access to an orthotic lab is not available.

  • Austin: Hyperextension Austin: Hyperextension

    Follow 6-year-old patient Austin as he receives a pair of custom-fabricated DAFO Tami2 orthoses to encourage voluntary control of his knee hyperextension. Includes footage and discussion of the initial fitting process and standard adjustments to the DAFOs. Narrated by the patient's orthotist, Don Buethorn, CPO -- owner of Cascade Dafo, Inc.

  • DAFO Optimization Index

    A catalog of optimizations, grouped by patient presentation, that may improve brace fit and function for your patient.

  • Maya: Swing Phase Inconsistency Maya: Swing Phase Inconsistency

    Follow 10-year-old patient Maya as she gets a new pair of custom-fabricated DAFO 3.5 orthoses to help control swing phase inconsistency (Maya's diagnosis is arthrogryposis). This video shows the entire bracing process -- from the initial assessment to casting to fitting and adjustments. The video is narrated by Don Buethorn, CPO -- owner of Cascade Dafo, Inc.