Documents & Videos: casting footplates

  • How to | Rehearse your correction before casting How to | Rehearse your correction before casting

    This instructional narrated video provides guidance for rehearsing the final corrected position you'd like to capture in the cast, prior to starting the casting process for custom-fabricated DAFOs.

  • JumpStart Fitting JumpStart Fitting

    Don Buethorn, CPO and owner/founder of Cascade Dafo, Inc., narrates this instructional video for evaluating the fit of prefabricated JumpStart® orthoses.

  •  Adam: Hyperextension Adam: Hyperextension

    A young boy with knee hyperextension experiences improvement in stability and gait pattern when introduced to a combined regimen of bracing and physical therapy. This video demonstrates the brace selection process from assessing the patient’s needs, to assessing the outcome.

  • Sandra: Low Tone Pronation Sandra: Low Tone Pronation

    This video, narrated by Don Buethorn, CPO, follows 1-year-old patient Sandra. Sandra's diagnosis is status post respiratory arrest. She wears Cascade Dafo's prefabricated SMO-style orthoses, JumpStart Leap Frogs, to help control her low tone pronation. The Jump Starts are lightweight and do not require casting -- effective for young patients with a fully-correctable foot position.