Documents & Videos: habituate

  • Austin: Hyperextension | A Follow-up Austin: Hyperextension | A Follow-up

    A follow-up to the first video of Austin, who wears bilateral DAFO Tami2s with dorsi-assist hinges and a free plantar-flexion trimline to help him control his pronation and knee hyperextension. Begins with a recap of his initial fitting and then shows his growing progress over time with the new braces. Demonstrates the importance of time to habituate to new braces and an integrated approach to the combined efforts of bracing and physical therapy.

  • Maya: Swing Phase Inconsistency Maya: Swing Phase Inconsistency

    Follow 10-year-old patient Maya as she gets a new pair of custom-fabricated DAFO 3.5 orthoses to help control swing phase inconsistency (Maya's diagnosis is arthrogryposis). This video shows the entire bracing process -- from the initial assessment to casting to fitting and adjustments. The video is narrated by Don Buethorn, CPO -- owner of Cascade Dafo, Inc.