Documents & Videos: optimize

  • DAFO Optimization Index

    A catalog of optimizations, grouped by patient presentation, that may improve brace fit and function for your patient.

  • Maya: Swing Phase Inconsistency Maya: Swing Phase Inconsistency

    Follow 10-year-old patient Maya as she gets a new pair of custom-fabricated DAFO 3.5 orthoses to help control swing phase inconsistency (Maya's diagnosis is arthrogryposis). This video shows the entire bracing process -- from the initial assessment to casting to fitting and adjustments. The video is narrated by Don Buethorn, CPO -- owner of Cascade Dafo, Inc.

  • Optimizing DAFOs for Pronation and Supination

    An in-depth guide to optimizing DAFOs for correctable pronation or supination.

  • Pronation Control Pad

    Illustrations to help you in positioning the pronation control pad.

  • Guidelines to correct In-toeing / Out-toeing

    Optimization guidelines for in-toeing/out-toeing when there is laxity at the joints due to low tone