Documents & Videos: success stories

  • McKenna's Paralympic Journey McKenna's Paralympic Journey

    Follow the story of recent high school graduate McKenna Dahl, 18, of Arlington, Wash. as she prepares to become a resident athlete at the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center, moving one step closer towards her dream of competing for Team USA in Paralympic Shooting.

  • Emri's Marfan Story Emri's Marfan Story

    Learn about Emri, a little girl with Marfan Syndrome, and how she has far exceeded everyone's expectations.

  • Derby's First Steps Derby's First Steps

    We received the following email and video from Tadd, proud dad to twins Derby and Loen: “My twins were born 16 weeks early, at just 24 weeks and 2 days gestation weighing only 1 pound 6 ounces each. They both were in the NICU for nearly 4 months and came home in February 2008. We were pleased with our NICU outcome, especially considering some of the hurdles that they both overcame. Fast forward for about 1 year – February 2009. The twins adjusted age is now around 1 year. My daughter starts to walk and is pretty much on pace with her adjusted age. My son, on the other hand, is clearly not going to be walking in the near future. We received a cerebral palsy diagnosis for him sometime in the middle of August, 2009 and the doctor prescribed him a DAFO. At this point, I was hoping that he would be walking on his own by Christmas. Then, he received his DAFO on Monday, August 31, 2009 and proceeded to amaze us by taking his first steps only 2 days later. You can only imagine the elation that his mother and I shared that day. There was no stopping him after that. For the next month or two he didn’t want to play, he only wanted to walk. So, while it is a little bit late, I would like to thank you for helping my son. His mobility really means the world to him and also to us.”

  • NWBA National Women's Tournament, Seattle, March 18-20, 2016 NWBA National Women's Tournament, Seattle, March 18-20, 2016

    Cascade Dafo attended the NWBA National Women’s Tournament in Seattle. What a treat to watch these super-energized and talented young women tearing up the court!

  • Maggie and Beau Maggie and Beau

    Meet Maggie and Beau – like many kids and family dogs, they’ve grown up together. But Beau is not the typical family dog and the bond between them goes much deeper, as you’ll hear from Maggie while she prepares for the next chapter in her life.

  • Adaptive Kayaking Expo Adaptive Kayaking Expo

    Meet the participants, volunteers, and organizers of this fun community kayaking event and watch as everybody gets out on the water.