Brace design | Understanding the DAFO Tami2

Cascade Dafo, Inc. owner/founder Don Buethorn, CPO, explains the DAFO Tami2 orthosis. The DAFO Tami2 is a custom-fabricated, articulated AFO with Tamarack hinges (straight or dorsi-assist). This two-part orthosis has a flexible, polyethelene inner liner to comfortably maintain and/or correct foot alignment. The standard trimline of the outer frame has a plantarflexion stop -- used for patients who exhibit stong excess plantarflexion or knee hyperextension. Dorsi-assist hinges are available in 75, 85, or 95 durometer; also available with a straight Tamarack hinge. The DAFO Tami2 can also be fabricated with a free-ankle trimline, allowing a smooth movement in the sagittal plane. The proximal, outer portion of the DAFO Tami2 with the free ankle trimline provides above-ankle leverage to assist with medial/lateral stability -- appropriate for patients who exhibit high-tone pronation/supination but need minimal ankle control.