New: DAFO Guide to Brace Selection

December 31, 2009

We’ve just completed a major effort to revise the Cascade product selection guide. Available now is the new, improved version of what might be the single most useful piece of information we produce. It’s a workshop favorite, and it’s a great decision-making tool for the whole bracing team.

Our product selection guide is a widely-used tool to help in selecting a brace for your patient. Divided into seven patient groups, the guide shows our more popular Fast Fit and custom DAFO brace styles. In selecting the most effective brace for a specific patient, there are many variables to consider.

The redesigned guide helps you even more profoundly to clarify those variables and to select the most effective brace with the least amount of support necessary. (“Least amount of control that does the job” is one of the foundations of our bracing strategy.)

You will still find the same seven patient presentation groups, but now they are sharply defined and illustrated. Each group is divided into three categories of involvement—mild, moderate, and strong. Product recommendations in each category are sequenced as least, moderate, and most level of control.

If you’d like one, you can request a copy online via our Comments and Requests form.

Update: Sept 01, 2010

Our new website includes a section dedicated to the DAFO Guide to Brace Selection, featuring more in-depth information on our patient groups and brace recommendations. Come check it out!