DAFO FlexiSport strut flexibility

August 28, 2013

The DAFO FlexiSport brace style can now be ordered with your choice of posterior strut flexibility—moderately flexible or semi-rigid. This plantarflexion / dorsiflexion resist brace design is ideal for larger, more active patients, especially teens, who need moderate to strong ankle control, sturdy support and flexibility. We’ve now increased the flexibility selection of the posterior strut making it easier to ask for exactly what you want.

Choose the standard, moderately flexible posterior strut for most applications, including:

Choose the alternate, semi-rigid posterior strut for:

A notable difference to be aware of when ordering:

Prior to this change, the standard for all DAFO FlexiSports was “semi-rigid”. After this change, the standard will become “moderately flexible" to match most patient applications. Beginning in September, you will see both choices listed this way on the updated product order form.

Warranty & support

Our commitment to quality, and the best fit possible, is always front and center. We welcome your feedback and stand behind every brace with our Full (90-Day) Warranty.

For questions, contact our Technical Support team: 800.848.7332 | technicalsupport@dafo.com

As with other product improvements, you’ll see a CCi tag on the brace marking the enhancement. Cascade has a strong commitment to continuous improvement and enhancing the patient experience. Thanks for teaming up with us to help kids lead healthier, happier lives.