Alec Forsloff: Award-Winning Cascade Dafo Employee

November 06, 2017

Cascade employee Alec Forsloff recently received the Jena Johnson Employment Achievement award from Work Opportunities. This award recognizes individuals who show a commitment to excellence in their career path, as Jena did during her years as a transition counselor with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) in Bellingham. Jena passed away in 2012, and the award was created in her honor.

Alec Forsloff proudly displays his award, with job coach RJ Halloran (left) and supervisor Vince Mulcahy (right).

Alec, who has autism, graduated from the Bellingham School District’s Community Transitions Program, which prepares students with disabilities for a successful transition to independent living and employment. After graduation, he teamed up with both DVR and Work Opportunities in his search for employment opportunities. Little did he know that opportunity would come knocking much closer to home. Alec’s dad Bryan, who’s been with Cascade for six years, mentioned his son’s job search to company CEO Cheryl Persse, and she felt there might be a place for him here. Cascade has several successful employees with disabilities.

Alec started work in the production lab, making “Flippers,” which are sample swatches of padding, strap, and transfer designs. His supervisor, Vince Mulcahy, thinks Alec is perfect for the job. “Alec has continued to show success as a valued member of our Production Team. Every shift he arrives with the enthusiasm and motivation to complete his work to the highest degree of quality. Alec is a strong, unique individual who has blended exceptionally well with the rest of our employees. Watching Alec succeed has been a gift to all of us at Cascade, and we are fortunate to have him on our team,” says Vince. 

Alec has a job coach, RJ Halloran of Work Opportunities, who accompanies him at work. RJ finds Alec to be a very capable, independent worker, who needs minimal assistance. And according to his dad Bryan, Alec loves coming to work and feels really good about his job. “He’s a hard worker, and he’s able to stay focused on the tasks he’s given. His success gives him a sense of independence and accomplishment.”

Clearly, it’s a win-win for Alec and Cascade. His work ethic and attention to detail make him a great employee and this special award is well-deserved. Congratulations, Alec, from all your co-workers at Cascade Dafo!