Q: What makes a good cast? A: One that leaves a lasting impression!

March 19, 2021

Joking aside, a good cast is crucial for a well-fitting DAFO. Our casting resources page is full of practical information for creating a cast that results in a superior fit and function, right out of the box.

Some of our tips include:

  • Rehearse: Before casting, rehearse the best position of function. Ideal POF is vertical heel, 3-4 degrees DF, level forefoot.
  • Wrap: Use fiberglass casting tape and wrap snugly and evenly, for accurate capture of shape and volume of the foot.
  • Define: Make sure you define all the contours of the foot.
  • Finish: After removing the cast, tape it closed with the edges matched up and allow it time to cure.
  • Evaluate: Before sending in (or scanning) your cast, make sure it meets the criteria for a good cast. When in doubt, re-cast.

Visit our casting resources page for more information, including a how-to video and Casting for DAFOs guideline document. Make sure you also take our free online course, Casting and Scanning for DAFOs.