Adding relief for tight fits or boney prominences

March 22, 2024

Each of our DAFOs are custom made to fit the unique shape of our patients, but it's still possible to have a DAFO that fits a little tighter in some areas. This is often connected to a patient's growth over time, or it may be due to particularly boney landmarks on the foot itself. Luckily, Cascade DAFO has guides for adding relief to braces that are both simple and easy to follow, and can save you time if applying for a redo under our 90-day warranty may mean taking a bit longer to get the brace to the patient. All you need is a heat gun!

When determining if relief is required, pay attention to red marks on the foot that do not fade in a timely manner. These may be pressure spots from where the brace is squeezing just a little too tightly. By heating the outer side of the plastic until it becomes just a little glossy, the brace can be made malleable enough to press out with a ball-peen hammer, dowel, or other small tool you may have on hand.

Adding relief can also be useful for braces that have become a little tight over time, but the patient is still not ready to order a new pair. Heating and pressing out key areas to accommodate for their growth can help ensure a comfortable fit for the patient. Just be sure to only heat the outer side of the brace and to never apply direct heat to any straps or padding material.

For more in-depth guides including pictures and videos, be sure to check out and search for 'adjust', or head over to our YouTube channel. Our customer support team is also available to answer questions and offer coaching, especially when it comes to deciding if your brace may be a good candidate for ordering a redo under our 90-day warranty. Be sure to contact us at or call 800.848.7332, Monday – Friday 7 AM – 2:30 PM PST for all of your questions.