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Key Features

Custom fabricated from cast
Low profile dorsal trimlines for ease of shoe fit
Partial heel and midfoot containment
Arch fill and medial heel stabilization
Defined plantar surface contours
Easy toe-off distal trimlines


  • For patients who present with moderate pronation and associated gait instability.
  • For patients who need more containment than is possible with a lower trimline shoe insert.

Product video | DAFO 5

This product video looks at the function and features of the custom fabricated DAFO® 5.

Product video | DAFO 5

Before & after: low tone pronation | DAFO 5

This before and after video shows a patient benefiting from the added stability and support provided by a pair of DAFO 5s. The DAFO 5 is custom fabricated from a cast, has defined plantar surface contours, fully integrated padding, and partial heel and midfoot wrap.

Before & after: low tone pronation | DAFO 5