DAFO 9 Softy

Adjustable night-stretching brace

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DAFO 9 Softy

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Key Features

Solid anterior component
makes for easy donning.
Light, soft plastic outer shell
improves comfort and compliance
Elastic sections of stretching straps
allow occasional “escape” from stretch, making patient more relaxed and comfortable--for a more effective stretch and improved compliance.
Extended toe shelf trimline
allows even pull of entire foot-bed


  • For patients who lack range of motion at the ankle due to tight calf muscles and Achilles tendon.
  • For patients who would benefit from passive, adjustable stretching when resting or sleeping to improve range of motion.

Product video | Dafo 9 Softy

This product video looks at the function and features of the custom fabricated DAFO® 9 Softy.

Product video | Dafo 9 Softy

How to | Don the DAFO 9 night-stretching brace

This instructional video (no audio) provides step-by-step guidance for donning the DAFO® 9 night-stretching orthosis.

How to | Don the DAFO 9 night-stretching brace