DAFO 9 Softy

Adjustable night-stretching brace

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DAFO 9 Softy

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Key Features

Solid anterior component
makes for easy donning.
Elastic sections of stretching straps
allow occasional “escape” from stretch, making patient more relaxed and comfortable--for a more effective stretch and improved compliance.
Extended toe shelf trimline
allows even pull of entire foot-bed


  • For patients who lack range of motion at the ankle due to tight calf muscles and Achilles tendon.
  • For patients who would benefit from passive, adjustable stretching when resting or sleeping to improve range of motion.

Product video | Dafo 9 Softy

This product video looks at the function and features of the custom fabricated DAFO® 9 Softy.

Product video | Dafo 9 Softy

How to | Don the DAFO 9 night-stretching brace

This instructional video (no audio) provides step-by-step guidance for donning the DAFO® 9 night-stretching orthosis.

How to | Don the DAFO 9 night-stretching brace