DAFO Softback Softy

PF resist, DF free, Softy liner

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DAFO Softback Softy
DAFO Softback Softy
DAFO Softback Softy

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Key Features

Custom-fabricated from cast or scan -- no plaster casts
Softy liner
made from foam provides more comfortable control of feet that are difficult to align or have sensitive boney prominences
Flexible Dacron strap
with full-height softy liner strongly resists excess PF and encourages free DF
Full wraparound shell
for flexible control of foot position and alignment
Defined plantar surface contours


  • For patients who demonstrate mild to moderate excess plantarflexion presented as toe walking or knee hyperextension.
  • For patients who will benefit from full access to dorsiflexion.
  • For patients who need extra padded protection for sensitive foot anatomy..
  • For patients who present with moderate to strong pronation or supination and associated gait instability.
  • For patients who may benefit from the sensory feedback provided by a fully contoured foot bed.