JumpStart Softback

AFO trimline, PF resist, DF free

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JumpStart Softback
JumpStart Softback
JumpStart Softback

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Key Features

Soft yet durable padding sewn to flexible Dacron strap
strongly resists excess PF and encourages free DF.
Dacron strap attaches to outer frame
for durability.
Full-wrap inner liner
provides alignment control of the heel, midfoot, and forefoot.
Inner liner tucks behind the padding
for added comfort.
Solid outer foundation
provides additional support and heel stabilization. Available in polyethylene for moderate flexibility or co-poly for firm support.
sized by measurement using the Fast Fit sizing jig. Widths: Wide and Narrow. Sizes: 4.00 - 9.00 inches (0.25 inch increments).


For patients with a fully correctable foot position who exhibit moderate excess plantarflexion presenting as toe walking or knee hyperextension.