Cascade Continuous Improvement: DAFO 5 & DAFO 5 Softy Updates

July 28, 2017

Cascade Continuous Improvement: DAFO 5 & DAFO 5 Softy Updates       

Our custom-fabricated, UCBL-style DAFO 5 foot orthosis now has a more streamlined fit and improved functionality.  Lower dorsal trimlines help the insert fit better in the shoe, and the distal trimlines allow for optimal toe-off.

The new standard toe shelf trimline is more flexible, with the plantar surface plastic shell trimmed proximal to the 1st met head, and distal to the 5th, transitioning into a dense foam sole. It can also be ordered with a full-length plastic shell trimmed distal to the toes.

The DAFO 5 Softy features the same trimline options, with a full-length soft foam liner for comfortable control of feet with sensitive boney prominences.

Both the DAFO 5 and DAFO 5 Softy are excellent solutions for patients who require more control than a shoe insert but don’t need the support of an above-ankle orthosis.

Warranty & Support

Our commitment to quality, and the best fit possible, is always front and center. We welcome your feedback and stand behind every brace with our Full (90-Day) Warranty.

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As with other product improvements, you'll see a CCi tag on the brace marking the update. Cascade has a strong commitment to continuous improvement and enhancing the patient experience. Thanks for teaming up with us to help kids lead healthier, happier lives.