New and improved Chipmunk

December 02, 2019

Inspired by customer feedback, the Chipmunk is new and improved! Designed to control moderate low tone pronation, the Chipmunk’s two-part system combines internal support from molded foam contours with the stability of a flat external base and deep heel cup for maximum correction of foot position.

 You’ll notice immediately by the bright green outer frame that the Chipmunk has evolved:

  • Better shoe fit: excess foam removed from non-corrective areas, providing a better fit in the shoe.
  • Improved durability: slimmer, more vertical foam trim line tucks into the shoe without buckling or folding.
  • Improved heel containment: foam arch piece reduced in size, allowing more space for the heel to drop in comfortably.
  • Softer arch foam: same height, but slightly softer for increased comfort on sensitive feet.

For full product information, visit the Chipmunk product page.