DAFO e-Orders: Send us your scans!

June 14, 2024

Want to skip the post and get your orders to us in a flash? Great news, our DAFO e-Orders site allows you to save time by uploading scans of your casts

To make the most out of your digital scans, here are some key points to keep in mind:

• While it’s possible to scan a positive mold or a patient directly, scanning a cast is best because it gives you the best opportunity to reflect the ideal position of function for your patient and their brace

• The outside of the cast needs to best reflect the anatomy of your patient's foot, so use fiberglass casting tape – not plaster casts - and keep your cast as smooth and thin as possible while maintaining full coverage

• More scanners these days are able to pick up darker colors when scanning, but just to be sure, it's best to use white or lighter-colored fiberglass casting tape for casting, and white or lighter-colored tape if you're using electric tape to hold your casts closed

• Always be sure to double-check your scan for accuracy to ensure it's a proper representation of your cast

Why go digital with scanning? Sending in digital orders of your casts saves both time and money when it comes to making the perfect brace. We even offer a series of detailed videos to help you get started with scanning or just to help polish up your scans with some tips and tricks to ensure the best quality scan for the best fitting brace. For our full guide, head over to https://cascadedafo.com/digital-scanning and check out our guide videos, or sign up for free at our Cascade DAFO Institute at https://cascadedafoinstitute.com/index and check out Course 3: Casting and Scanning for DAFOs for a more in-depth lesson!

Questions about casting, ordering, or scanning? We’d love to help! Reach out to our customer support team at customersupport@dafo.com or call 800.848.7332, Monday – Friday 7 AM – 2:30 PM PST. Our Cascade DAFO Institute also has courses to help with in-depth lessons on the casting and brace ordering processes.