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Key Features

Custom-fabricated from cast or scan -- no plaster casts
Soft yet durable padding sewn to flexible Dacron strap
strongly resists excess PF and encourages free DF
Full wraparound shell
for flexible control of foot position and alignment
Defined plantar surface contours


  • For patients who demonstrate mild to moderate excess plantarflexion presented as toe walking or knee hyperextension.
  • For patients who require some resistance to plantarflexion.
  • For patients who will benefit from full access to dorsiflexion.
  • For patients who present with moderate to strong pronation or supination and associated gait instability.
  • For patients who may benefit from the sensory feedback provided by a fully contoured foot bed.

Before and After | Moderate toe walking | DAFO Softback

The soft durable pad and strap combination of the DAFO Softback help this patient keep her heels down so she can achieve a good heel strike. Her pronation is corrected and she can access free dorsiflexion to help build strength and range.

Before and After | Moderate toe walking | DAFO Softback