K3 Knee Brace

Hinged knee extension orthosis

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K3 Knee Brace
K3 Knee Brace

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Key Features

Custom fabricated from cast
Adjustable lateral side ratchet joint
can be released for ease of donning
Full soft inner liner
for maximum comfort
Soft knee closure
below patella for comfort
Soft proximal and distal edges
for added comfort


  • For patients who need a resting/positioning knee brace.
  • For patients who seek improved knee extension over time.
  • For patients who do not have circulation issues, edema, or active injuries.
  • Note: not designed for stabilization during ambulation.

How to | Use the K3 Knee Brace™

This instructional video gives thorough step-by-step instructions for donning and making basic adjustments to the K3 Knee Brace, our hinged knee extension brace. The video also includes tips for wear schedule and how to clean the brace.

How to | Use the K3 Knee Brace™