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Hawaiian Bottom (see: Cats Paw; Non-skid)
A non-skid material attached to the bottom of a brace; (same as: non-skid; cats paw; Vibram).
Heat Out
The process of reheating the plastic shell of a brace and applying pressure so as to adjust the shape of the shell.
The rounded structure forming the rear portion of the foot.
The bones of the rear portion of the foot (the calcaneus and talus).
Hindfoot Alignment
Hindfoot Alignment The vertical alignment of the heel (the calcaneus and talus) in relation to the lower leg with the pivot point being at or below the ankle joint.
The two parts of the connective system most commonly known as Velcro®. The hook-shaped features of one part attach to the looped features of the other part.
Extension of a joint beyond its normal range of motion.