Welcome to the archives of Cascade Dafo's retired newsletter Dafo Dynamics.

Our newsletter is retired, but you can access the articles here! A great resource for patient-focused articles, and case studies. Contributors include Cascade Dafo team members, guest client practitioners, and others. For your convenience, we've included both a link to a webpage with the full article and a downloadable PDF file.

A Personal Odyssey
by Raina Emma Angelina Hubbard
Written as a 10th grade English class assignment on relating Homer's Odyssey to her personal experience living with athetoid cerebral palsy.
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A Treatment Protocol for Idiopathic Toe Walking
by Susan Steindorf, MSPT
Susan offers her strategy for treating idiopathic toe walking.
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Catch That Wave
by Susan Witter and Debra Huntsman-Lannom, PT
Debra enlists a professional surfer to use surfing therapy for children with mobility challenges.
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Letters | Hello from Peru
by Jodee Fortner, MSPT,
Jody's trip to Peru for a physical and occupational therapy project.
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Letters | Tales from Latin America
by Anne Mele, M.A., OTR and Samantha Stith, PT
Service trips to Nicaragua and Ecuador.
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Multiple Presentations and Therapy Goals
by Vicki Schwartz, PT and Loretta Sheldon, ROA, CFo
A prime example how external circumstances can play a critical role in the brace selection process for multiple presentations.
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Tibial Varum: Recognizing its presence and accommodating it in bracing
by Don Buethorn, CPO
When a brace is not working and the source of the trouble is hard to trace, tibial varum may be something to consider.
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