Introducing the DAFO Softback and the DAFO K3 Knee Brace

June 19, 2019

DAFO Softback

The custom DAFO Softback provides comfortable control of mild to moderate toe walking and knee hyperextension. The AFO’s soft yet durable posterior pad and strap combination work together to comfortably resist excess plantarflexion while encouraging free dorsiflexion. The DAFO Softback is custom fabricated from cast or scan, with a full wraparound shell that provides flexible control of foot position and alignment.

For patients needing additional padded protection for sensitive foot anatomy, the DAFO Softback Softy® version has a foam inner liner.

K3 Knee Brace

The K3 Knee is a resting knee orthosis designed to comfortably increase knee extension range. This hinged, custom-fabricated brace features an adjustable ratcheting side joint that can be released for ease of donning, then clicked into position for gradual stretching.

With its fully padded inner liner and soft knee closure, the K3 Knee Brace offers the highest level of comfort and ease of use in a resting knee extension brace.

Like all Cascade Dafo products, these new orthoses are backed by our full 90-day warranty