Clubfoot control

We have a package of optimizations designed to hold a foot’s alignment against clubfoot. You can pick and choose which items to use or order the set as a whole.

A note about brace design

Our suggested brace style is the DAFO 3 Softy, but clubfoot optimizations may be ordered on other designs. Contact Customer Support for more information.

  • Individual items: indicate which one(s) you want in Special Instructions section of the order form.
  • Entire set: request “DAFO clubfoot package” in Special Instructions section of the order form.

A note on foot position (when optimizing for clubfoot)

It is important that you use the Finished Brace Angles section of the order form to communicate your desired alignment for the finished brace.

  • If you’ve captured the desired ankle, hindfoot, and forefoot position in the cast, check the “Do not correct” box on the order form.
  • If you have not captured the desired positioning, consider re-casting or be sure to state on the order form what you’d like our technicians to do. (E.g., correct to neutral; over-correct to 2° abduction; etc.)


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Supination control instep strap

  • Helps to reposition the midfoot and aids in preventing heel inversion.
  • Threads through slot on lateral side to pull foot towards midline, maintaining neutral heel position.
  • See Supination-control instep pad for more information.

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Stiff medial toe containment

  • Outer frame and Softy liner are extended for strong control of forefoot adduction.
  • Note: extending the plastic outer frame will result in some loss of toe shelf flexibility.

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Adduction-control forefoot strap

  • Helps bring forefoot from an adducted position to neutral or slight abduction.
  • Riveted to the inside of the plantar surface of the outer frame to pull the Softy liner and forefoot laterally.

Request in Special Instructions section of order form (e.g., “Add adduction-control forefoot strap”).

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Heel control pad

  • Added crescent-shaped contour above the heel to help prevent heel rise.
  • See Heel-control pad for more information.

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Softy foam liner

  • Provides more comfortable support for difficult-to-correct feet or feet with sensitive boney anatomy.
  • See Softy foam liner for more information.