Reducing excess bulk/volume

For patients having problems fitting DAFOs into shoes.


Helpful Tips

  • Avoid bottom treatment unless it is critical.
  • Trim the toe shelf and forefoot trimlines back, especially on the non-controlling side.
  • Example: for a pronated foot, trim back the medial side of the forefoot.
  • Trim straps to minimum length and consider removing the forefoot strap when the brace is worn inside the shoe.
  • Do not use a toe rise pad.
  • Do not use an instep pad on Softy and Polyethylene-lined brace styles.

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Layover forefoot strap - no rivet

  • Removes rivet as a potential pressure point.
  • Allows you to try using the brace without a forefoot strap.

Request in Special Instructions section of order form (e.g., "Layover forefoot strap with no rivet").

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"Y" instep strap

  • Eliminates double thickness of instep strap.
  • Serves as both a forefoot and instep strap, eliminating the forefoot strap.
  • Helpful for patients with limitations to hand use—simplicity of a single strap is an advantage.

Request in Special Instructions section of order form (e.g., "Add Y instep strap").