Increasing medial/lateral stability

For patients who need more medial/lateral (M/L) stability.

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Heel stabilization

  • Adds squared-off surface area for increased stability at the heel.

Request in Bottom Stabilization section of order form.

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Anterior/posterior strap

  • Elastic strap wraps around “ears” of SMO designs (DAFO 4, shown, or JumpStart Bunny).
  • Adds frontal plane stability and very mild sagittal plane stability.
  • Can be used in conjunction with a shim pad on the inside of the ear. (See Lateral shim pad and Supination-control instep pad for more information.)

Select both “Anterior “ and “Posterior” straps on DAFO 4 order form.

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Free ankle articulation

  • The proximal section of the brace provides M/L support.
  • Patient has free access to both DF and PF.
  • An option for the DAFO 2 or DAFO Tami2.

Request “No Plantarflexion Stop” in the Special Instructions section of the DAFO 2 order form. For the DAFO Tami2, select “Free Ankle” in the Posterior Ankle Trimline section.